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Let’s PACE to create a company culture that improves productivity, boosts happiness at work and reduces absences

Switch to healthier working habits for lasting results with PACE

As a manager or team leader, have you ever felt that your team’s performance is somehow falling short? Your goal is to enhance the success of your organisation, so creativity and innovation are crucial. But your colleagues are easily distracted, someone is often off sick and reaching targets is met by moans and groans.

The good news? It’s not your fault. The problem lies in our bodies and brains.

Genetically we’re still hunter-gatherers. We still have the same bodies and brains as our ancestors, but today we live in a world that is changing at a blistering pace. That’s why there are glitches. We need to find another way to tackle today’s challenges.

Our bodies aren’t made for sitting inside for hours on end, but to be active outside in nature.

Our brains can’t handle busy environments where they are constantly stimulated.

Once you’ve realised that, the answer is simple:

Switch to working habits that suit our bodies and brains.

PACE helps your team get the ball rolling. By embedding new habits, we build a bridge between knowing and doing. Because doing things differently and more effectively can help you develop a more productive working environment that supports both the goals of your organisation and the personal wellbeing of your employees.

It all starts with a healthy mind in a healthy body

We help your company through a custom change journey. Starting with in-depth preparation, we dive into the details of your specific situation during intake. Once we’ve mapped all your needs, we determine the priorities and plan of action together.

In the transformation phase, your employees adopt new behaviours and develop sustainable habits through bite-size training. We translate scientific knowledge into active live sessions and regular online learning to fully entrench these habits, thus building a strong foundation for a healthy work mindset in a healthy organisation. That’s how your team can achieve stronger lasting results, even in tricky situations.

Like what you hear?

Our mantra: experience, exceed, endure

Listening wins silver, doing wins gold


Hearing about it is nothing like experiencing those last few metres to the finish line yourself. We believe in action combined with theory.


Push past your limits on the way to the top


Surprise and challenge your team to keep going, today and in the long run. It’s easy to keep performing well when you have a system in place to help each other grow. On the way up, sometimes you’ll be the ladder, sometimes the climber and sometimes the safety harness.


Stick to a healthy pace to keep getting the best results


And they worked happily ever after. The goal is To create a healthy work culture that opens the door to long-term career paths. Be mindful of when you need to step on the gas and when you need to ease off for growth and recovery.


PACE is what you need

As an organisation, do you want to focus on a healthy and sustainable work culture that provides scope for personal wellbeing, growth and consistently high performance? Don’t get stuck in your old ways; break free of those rusty old patterns and swing into action. With PACE, experienced business consultant and former athlete Anouk Doore will guide you to find a rhythm that prepares your team mentally, physically and emotionally for the challenges of tomorrow. Interested?
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What others say about PACE

Peggy E. - Head of Department for General Support at De Vlaamse Waterweg

“Coupled with our strategic concept of ‘strengthening work’, PACE inspired the staff in my department in an original way about the importance of taking care of oneself. A good balance between a wellness organization and the well-being of our employees was strongly emphasized. After all, action and recovery contribute to sustainable work.

It was an active session where there was room to reflect and determine concrete actions to work on yourself or in the team. Each of our employees has gone on to work with at least 1 concrete tip or action, and that is very noticeable within the operation of our organization.”

Mathias - Founder Rubicon

As a professional, I am constantly “connected” & “stressed” and focus primarily on short-term priorities. The ON/OFF sailing trip with PACE was a powerful offline experience and brought a huge sense of calm. Something I hadn’t felt in years. The workshops & pertinent questions allowed me to get back to work with renewed energy and new insights. I highly recommend it if you want to reflect on how you can continue to perform for yourself and your team in the long run.

Katrien De Nolf - HR Director Roularta Media Group

“Roularta Media Group strives for sustainability; developing sustainable habits is important in this regard. That’s why we were delighted with the input from Erik and Anouk during the webinar they provided for our staff.”

Peter C. - Plant Manager Recticel

PACE has supported us to light a “spark” in the minds of our people to handle workloads in a smarter way. They did so with an inspiration session in a way we are not used to and coupled with that they put us into action together. Experiencing new things together is what sticks and is a lever to a more sustainable way of working

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