PACE supports forward-thinking businesses that want to get ahead of the curve through
a new workplace culture with a sustainable pace of work.



Our methodology goes beyond simply listening to experts or following the usual routes. ‘Experience’ stands for being open to the unknown, gaining new insights by taking action and experiencing new concepts first-hand so we can transform them into sustainable habits. After all, has anyone every learned to ride a bike simply by listening to someone explain how to do so or by reading a book?



‘Exceed’ stands for our continuous pursuit of excellence and our drive to achieve top performance. Not just today, but in ten years’ time too. With the prospect of ever longer careers, the importance of a sustainable pace of work is only set to grow in future. After all, we only have one life!



Our eventual aim is to create a new workplace culture centred on a sustainable pace of work that facilitates high-quality ways of living, thinking and working and that keeps encouraging creativity and innovation at businesses in a healthy way. We can only achieve this by leaving sufficient room for recovery and growth alongside our focus on delivering top performance. That way, the road to sustainable long-term performance suddenly opens up.

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PACE supports forward-thinking businesses that want to get ahead of the curve through a new workplace culture with a sustainable pace of work.

In a world where everything needs to be done more quickly and efficiently, production lines are fully automated and services are being replaced by algorithms, creativity and innovation are two of the most important factors through which successful businesses can continue to make a difference.

An optimal rhythm giving people flexibility to act quickly when necessary, with sufficient space for recovery and growth will help enhance creativity and innovation in a sustainable way. By pursuing this ambition, we can continue to adapt and find solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

A range of solutions are being touted these days for more flexibility, enhanced wellbeing and less stress at work. But isn’t that actually the bare minimum we should be looking to achieve? What is the long term impact on the success of businesses if people never quite get around to transforming them into sustainable habits? We believe there’s a whole other way to do things.

Here at PACE, we approach these issues based on our combined experience as employees, managers and keen endurance athletes. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we believe in a healthy mix of:

      • Gaining insight from your own experience, both inside and outside of your comfort zone.
      • Getting the ball rolling yourself and forming sustainable habits.
      • Continuing to transform yourself by having the courage to make smart choices.
      • Peer learning in communities of similar-minded people who inspire and strengthen one another.
      • Seeking new perspectives through exercise and nature.

Our approach is based on insights from positive psychology, research into happiness at work, business and (endurance) sports.

By making a sustainable pace of work an element of a new workplace culture, we are nourishing resilience and creating mental and physical bandwidth. That way, we don’t just leave employees feeling stronger; we also generate a sustainable impact on forward-thinking businesses and society as a whole.

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