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Let’s PACE.
Why our approach is so effective.

What do you need to feel good and perform at your best? Perhaps it’s meaning, growth, focus, sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy diet, strong relationships, switching off… but often something is missing. We’re not in the habit of making time to reflect, sleep enough, trek in nature or prepare a healthy meal. Or something gets in the way like stress, our old ways of thinking or an overloaded schedule. In short, there is little balance between stepping on the gas (performing) and slowing down (recovering).

If you really want to bring about change and contribute to the wellbeing of your employees and the success of your organisation in the long term, you can benefit from PACE’s one-size-fits-one approach.

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

PACE combines scientific knowledge, years of business experience and the mindset of a top athlete with insights from positive psychology and research into happiness at work. We build a strong foundation for sustainable behavioural change, by taking small steps (nudging) to embed long-lasting new habits in the work environment.

A journey that’s tailored to your team and business

Current challenges require much more than a once-and-done or one-size-fits-all approach.

We map your needs from the details uncovered during your intake. Our team of academic professionals, led by Anouk Doore, then gets your team moving, literally and figuratively. We prefer to start off-site, surrounded by nature.

Our aim is to ensure that new habits become second nature so that they continue to have a positive physical, mental and emotional impact on everyone. We do this through a combination of:

  • scientific insights
  • motivational live coaching sessions with a personal action plan
  • ongoing (game-based) microlearning.

Focus on a realistic workload with room for tapering

When you train for a big sporting event like a marathon, you run a lot less in the last two weeks before the race. This phenomenon is called ‘tapering’. The taper is designed for you to slow down, rest and reflect. That’s how you clear your mind to prepare for the starting line. It also benefits your mindset: If you’re rested and well-prepared when you start the race, you will be less nervous and more confident about your performance.

It’s the same in business. If you’ve worked hard to meet a deadline, it’s crucial to ease up the pace a bit afterwards. Your team needs a chance to recover before you establish another tight deadline. In business, the taper could include fewer meetings, an earlier end to the workday or an activity to boost creativity.

By ensuring that there is a balanced shift between accelerating, slowing down and stopping to reflect, not only will tasks be done better in the long run but it will also create space for creativity, renewal and recovery, and growth.

Secure long-lasting results for your company culture

Your employees will benefit from better insight and more confidence in themselves, each other and the organisation. In turn, this will have a lasting positive impact on the individual, their work, the team’s spirit, company culture and ultimately the wider community.

Did you know?

Happy and healthy people are the foundation of successful businesses that are a magnet for talent. That’s why company culture and a realistic workload are crucial to win the war for talent.

Organisations benefit from:

– nealry 20% better results in terms of productivity and sales
50% fewer absences
90% less staff turnover

Source: Prof. dr. Wilmar Schaufeli, 2019

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