How do we operate?

Our programmes consist of a combination of inspiration, insight and experience sessions in which participants themselves work to develop sustainable habits that are part of the new work culture.

We offer tailor-made solutions, not a “one-size fits all” approach. After all, every organisation is different and not all employees have exactly the same needs. The programmes are offered live & online according to the organisation & needs.


The PACE method is usually as follows


Zero measurement

An extensive intake based on an online survey and interviews at various organisational levels.


Determining priorities

Determine priorities based on the results of the baseline measurement and joint composition of the programme in consultation with management.


Sustainable work rhythm

Keynote “sustainable work rhythm” and presentation of the programme to the employees.

The common thread throughout the keynote was sustainable work rhythm: in order to continue to perform in the long term, it is essential to also take good care of yourself and to alternate periods of intensive work with recuperation. A sustainable working rhythm is indispensable for well-performing employees and, consequently, for customer satisfaction and the long-term success of any organisation.

The better thinking rarely happens when we sit still behind a screen. We take people into an offline environment in nature. Through deconnection it becomes easier to connect with ourselves and with each other



Alternation between inspiration and experience sessions with interim (online) nudges and group coaching. After all, we don’t learn by just talking about it, but by doing things, experiencing things for ourselves, learning from each other and, above all, practising.

The PACE programmes have a modular structure. The building blocks are determined on the basis of the results of the baseline measurement and priorities.

Some examples of the sessions:

“Work happiness the norm?”

A nice office environment, a weekly fruit basket, a ping-pong table… that’s not what happiness at work is about. Work happiness is serious, it is part of a culture in which people can grow, feel connected and valued, and continue to perform.

We provide insight into the elements that are crucial to one’s job satisfaction: results, relationships and health. Real-life examples are shared for inspiration.

By reflecting and exchanging ideas with your colleagues, you will come up with a personal action plan. We include specific actions in the context of home and hybrid work.

Experience session “Body and brain: a two-way street”.

Experience at first hand what movement does to your brain, we make the link between movement and a brain that is on edge and flexible. We teach you that physical activity is ‘part of the job’ if you want to fully exploit your cognitive skills in the long run.

We will move and give practical tips about which you will reflect in order to find out what fits into your daily life in order to sustainably deal with your body and brain.

“Mini expedition” experience

In addition to the modular programmes on topics related to sustainable work rhythms, PACE also offers the opportunity to literally leave our comfort zone and the beaten track for once by going into nature together for three days under the guidance of a qualified International Mountain Leader in order to experience the insights gained at first hand. Thanks to nature, we get to know ourselves better and connect more deeply with others.

Curious about the rest of our programme?

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