Small changes, big results

PACE boosts the productivity of your organisation in the long-term.
Explore how we can help you develop a sustainable culture of work.

  • Pace inspires: Book our session about consistent habits and change
  • Lasting results? Get cracking with a custom change journey
  • Stop to move forward: Join us for a leadership retreat
  • Positive change and growth? PACE guides your workers

PACE inspires:
Book our session on consistent habits and change

After this motivating inspiration session, you’ll go home with a fresh understanding of how habits are developed. You will learn how you can successfully and sustainably integrate new habits into your organisation for better productivity and happiness at work, as well as fewer absences. You’ll just need to do it. The logical next step is to actually set the ball rolling with a custom change journey.

Lasting results?
Swing into action with a custom change journey

PACE will develop an action-oriented change journey tailored to your team for a healthy mind in a healthy body. In other words, we’ll help your colleagues develop the mindset of a top athlete so that they can perform at the top of their game in the long term. You can read about how we do it here. Such a change in behaviour will result in:

  • More energy and productivity: Your team will keep performing at its best.
  • More enjoyment and engagement at work, as well as fewer absences.
  • More space for regeneration, creativity and growth.

Also interested in a custom change journey?

Stop to move forward:
Join us for a leadership retreat

Stand still to take stock. Every self-respecting manager and team leader must take time to reflect. What is our purpose? What do we want to achieve and how? What can we do better? Join PACE to go off-site and offline – away from meetings, smartphones and the constant hubbub of the workplace – for active rest. Alongside like-minded leaders, we head into nature or the mountains for an active retreat. This often creates space for something new to come along, whether it’s another form of understanding, new awareness, more focus or better clarity. Interested in taking part?

Positive change and growth?
That’s how teams move mountains

Change and group processes, like a new growth strategy or a new team, are not out of the question in a changing business world. But it’s not always easy to get everyone on board.

What makes such processes a success in the long run with positive change and growth? They require trust and connection between the parties involved, which in turn results in energy, creativity and growth rather than frustration. That’s how teams move mountains.

Depending on the goal and context, PACE can guide your team on topics such as psychological security, solutions-driven teamwork and stress management. Interested in how we can help?

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